About Us

Profile of the Organization

The All India Association for Christian Higher Education (AIACHE) is a professional Association of 350 higher education colleges in India. Founded in 1967, AIACHE is a voluntary organization registered under the Societies Registration Act (1860). It brings together colleges related to the catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches in an inter-state, transdenominational forum, with a view to maximizing their effectiveness and service to the national community. AIACHE aims at the renewal and growth of member colleges as well as the promotion of the quality, value-orientation and social relevance of Indian higher education to achieve the goal of national integration.
Apart from academic improvement, AIACHE also undertakes projects related to women’s empowerment, environmental conservation, action-oriented research, human rights education, human resources development, tribal development etc.

Ecumenical Centre

The building complex and premises of AIACHE in Janakpuri, New Delhi are collectively known as the “Ecumenical Centre”. It denotes the ecumenical commitment and heritage of AIACHE. This nomenclature is a constant reminder to the members and staff of the association to relentlessly strive for ecumenical unity in thought, word and deed – unity not only of Church denominations but also the various religious, linguistic, ethnic and cultural groups.

The Christian service of education as a process of formation for transformation is inspired by a vision of human kind and the rest of the creation and its destiny drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. The vision gives Christian institutions a recognizable character and sets before their managements, staff, students, parents and the community high ideals of life and service which will inspire them continuously to strive to meet emerging needs and challenges. Moved by this vision the Christian Church in India has been active in the field of education serving the nation in the context of its plurality of religions and diversity of cultures. The Christian colleges aim at an integral and personalized education of the young. They strive to produce intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired citizens in the service of India and the world of today and tomorrow.