All India Academy for Minorities’ Education

All India Academy for Minorities’ Education was established by the All India Association for Christian Higher (AIACHE)


The objectives of the Academy are the following:

  • To collect information and data about he state of education of minority communities; to analyze such information; and disseminate the findings and results from time to time through website, publications and audiovisuals etc.
  • To help minority educational institutions to improve their quality administrative procedures, staff development and public image
  • To oraganize regularly professional development programmes for personnel of minority educational institutions
  • To offer courses leading to Degrees/Diplomas and Certificates in various subjects for minority community members
  • To strive to attain eventually the status of university with minority status under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India
  • To monitor the exercise and use of the educational rights of minorities guaranteed by the Constitution of India and to defend those rights as and when required
  • To present before the Central and State governments the educational needs and problems of minorities through memoranda, meetings and other means
  • To help evolve public policies and enactments favourable to the interests of minority communities as and when necessary
  • To take all other steps and actions conducive to the abovementioned objectives.

Activities and Programmes:

  • The Academy will plan and implement activities and programmes such as the following:
  • Training courses for preparing the youth belonging to minority communities for competitive exams and interviews for selection for various jobs in Government and private sector
  • Pre-service, in-service and refresher courses for managers, principals teachers and other staff of educational institutions of minority communities
  • Academic Courses in various disciplines
  • Study and research projects on problems and needs of minority communities with a view to identifying relevant factors which have the potential for educational development of minorities
  • Publication of Newsletters, journals, books etc. on relevant subjects
  • Networking and collaboration with other agencies/organizations with like-minded objectives