Objectives of AIACHE

  • To promote, in general, sound education in all institutions of higher learning in India in keeping with the heritage and aspirations of the country and the needs of national development.
  • To promote and undertake research, pure and applied, bearing upon education and the needs of human and national development.
  • To undertake on its own and/or to enable member institutions to carry out or assist any programmes for promoting the welfare or the uplift of the people in any rural areas and to undertake or assist any programmes of rural development and to train the personnel for implementation of rural development;
  • To collect and circulate useful and worthwhile information, to publish journals, books and other literature and to arrange for meetings, seminars and workshops etc.
  • To co-ordinate the work of member institutions at the national, regional and local levels and to promote mutual help and support among member colleges;
  • To serve as a channel through which member institutions can unitedly contribute to the formation and execution of the national educational policy and to interpret to the public the role of member colleges in national life;
  • To collaborate, wherever possible, with other institutions and associations concerned with higher learning in these and other matters as may be approved from time to time by the Executive Board of the Society.