Human Values Development Programme (HVDP)

For the year 2014-15

A Brief Report
AIACHE organized the Human Values Development Programme (HVDP) – Training for Faculty as Facilitators in Christian Colleges in India for the different regions per the details given below:

S.No. Dates Venue Number of
1. 23-24 July, 2014 St. Christopher’s College of Education, Vepery 40 B.Ed Colleges in Tamil Nadu
2. 4, 5, 6, 7
August, 2014
Holiday Home, Golf Club Road, Kodaikanal 33 Tamil Nadu & other regions
3. 1, 2, 3, 4
September, 2014
Salesian College
Sonada, Darjeeling
30 North, West, East North-East

The Human Values Development Programme for teachers of Christian Colleges in India aims to encourage such institutions to undertake academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the promotion of human values and civic responsibilities among learners. The objectives and other details of the programme are given below:


  1. To impart training to teachers of Christian Higher Education Institutions in inculcating human values, good citizenry and social commitment in the youth of the nation.
  2. To contribute significantly to national growth by training teachers for effectively implementing a common plan for youth empowerment.
  3. To create awareness, conviction & commitment to values among teachers and students for improving the quality of life through education, and for advancing social and human well-being.
  4. To enable rural colleges in India and their faculty to have access to human resource management and skills development by establishing networking relationships with premier higher education institutions in the metropolitan cities.
  5. To organize community-based programs for the students and faculty of Christian Higher Education Institutions.
  6. To strengthen linkages of Christian Higher Education Institutes in all aspects of governance and management.


  • This training programmed provided enough opportunity for building the relationship among faculty at different regions.
  • This training programme enabled faculties from rural colleges to get first hand information on skill development and networking relationship with other faculty of different regions in India.
  • This training programme enlightened the faculties from rural colleges to have a broader understanding of the various cultures of India while approaching the different needs of the youth in India.
  • This training programme helped the young teachers who are being trained to provide empowerment to the youth of our country.

Specific Objectives for the Trainer’s Training Program:

At the end of the Trainer’s Training Program, teachers who attended the program benefitted as follows:

  1. Got clarity in their mind about the Human Values taught in the program, and the contents in the course material already released by AIACHE.
  2. Were able to identify between 5 to take-away values or concepts in each of the 8 units in the book.
  3. Were able to teach these take-away values or concepts with clarity and challenge so that students will not only learn and imbibe these values but also be inspired to practice these consistently in their lives.
  4. Were able to convert the contents of the 8 lessons into interesting and effective teaching modules and teach these in their classes. The teaching modules will contain case study analysis, analysis of short clippings, participative methods using games and exercises, group discussions, illustrations, guest lectures, group projects etc.
  5. Were able to become role models to students in Human Values.
  6. Were inspired that they will go beyond merely fulfilling the formalities of teaching the program, and initiate further innovations to transform the country.
  7. Were able to train some more teachers in their own institutions and other institutions so that the HVDP program becomes viral all over the country.
  8. Were able to become leaders of influence to transform our Nation to be a Country which is a model in Human Values for the rest of the world.

General Objectives for the HVDP in colleges:

At the end of the training, students who undergo this program will:

  1. Remember a list of several Human Values that are available to them to enrich their lives and that of our country, and understand their significance and value.
  2. Imbibe several of these values in their lives and live these values consistently and make their lives richer.
  3. Be Models of these values so much that they will influence several others and organizations to imbibe and practice these values, and thereby become change agents for the Nation.
  4. Be so inspired and challenged that they will undertake initiatives both inside and outside their colleges to spread the message and practice of Human values.