National Workshop for the Principals and IQAC/RUSA Coordinators on “Innovative Inputs of RUSA Funds for National Development


A brief Report

Date: 28 November, 2018
Venue :  AIACHE Ecumenical House, New Delhi 

AIACHE organized a National Workshop for the Principals and IQAC/RUSA Coordinators on “Innovative Inputs of RUSA Funds for National Development”.  The Workshop was held on 28th November, 2018 at AIACHE Ecumenical Centre, New Delhi.   It was attended by the Principals/RUSA Coordinators of AIACHE member institutions numbering 22.

The following were the resource persons of the Seminar:

Mr. S. Francis, Senior Accounts Officer, Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India
Dr. Glenn Shive, Executive Director, The Hong Kong America Chapter
Mr. Mark Pixley, Leadership Inc. Shenzen, China

Mr S. Francis, an expert and Trainer in the Finance Dept. Govt of India, spoke with authority and conviction how Government funds have to be responsibly used, and accounts maintained properly.  He came with a slide show of all the participating College’s file with the Finance Dept.

He spoke how a file could be maintained properly and clearly since the Dept. verifies the college transactions daily.  Hence his suggestions were:

  1. Every college Should register only once in the PFMS (Public Financial Management System) which was formerly known as Central Plan Scheme Monitoring System (CPSMS).
  2. The bank account should be in the name of the College and not in the name of Principal, Secretary and the like. All transactions should be online and not by cheque or DD.
  3. PFMS envisages to track the fund disbursement from Govt. Of India under all plan schemes. Institutions that receive Govt. Funds are to enter daily the utilization at various levels of implementation on a real time basis.
  4. The daily flow of funds under any scheme is directly under the office of the Controller General of Accounts (CGA).
  5. There are 240 Banks and 1.40 lakhs of Post Offices integrated with PFMS. If a College has many bank accounts for various projects, all those accounts can be linked to one PFMS registration.  Those colleges that have more than one PFMS registration can contact Mr. S. Francis (who will help you to solve the issue by merging – contact  981 186 2853).
  6. The common mistakes made by institutions are:
  7. Single Account for All Schemes: This will lead to inflated float.
  8. Account not in the name of institution: If so Funding agency will be unable to transfer funds, Institution has to update KYC in the bank and inform Mr Francis by email with a copy of passbook.
  9. Wrong selection of funding agency: To bring it to right path, the institution may inform Mr Francis for correction and suggestions, if required.

Mr Mark J. Pixley, a leadership trainer of facilitative organizational change in Greater China, chaired the next two sessions with activity oriented group discussions and intuitive brain storming sessions, cheered the participants for the proper use of RUSA funds for national development.  All the participants were actively  involved got insights for further action.  Congratulations to all the participants who shared their Workshop experience as rewarding and encouraging.

Rev. Fr George Thadathil SDB and Dr Glenn Shive intervened in the sessions and gave fresh insights and directions.

As a conclusion of the Workshop it was decided to make an MOU between the colleges.

The summation of the ideas and suggestions that surfaced in the Workshop and a few photographs taken during the workshop is given herewith.