The Mission Ahead: Address by Dr.Daniel Ezhilarasu




Respected and Beloved Prof.P.J.Kurien, Honourable Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, Parliament of India, Beloved Archbishop Anil Couto, the Rt.Rev.Dr.P.C.Singh, Deputy Moderator, CNI, Rt.Rev.Dr.Abraham Mar Paulose Episcopa, Metropolitans Delhi Diocese, H.G.Dr.Youhanon Metropolitan, Dr.Sudhir Joseph, Director, St.Stephen’s Hospital, Dr.Alexander Jesudasan, President, AIACHE, Rev.Sr.Dr.Marina John, Prof.Samuel K Samuel, my fellow officers, Principals, delegates, teachers and student friends;

Very Good Morning to all of you!


My heart overflows with full of gratitude to God the Almighty for having given us all this wonderful opportunity to gather in this beautiful auditorium of Jesus and Mary College to celebrate the Inauguration of the Golden Jubilee celebrations of AIACHE on this auspicious day. Before I go still further, let me join with Rev.Dr.Marina John in extending a hearty welcome to Prof.P.J.Kurien, Hon’ble Deputy Chairman, Rajya Sabha, all the Bishops, Metropolitans, Dr.Sudhir Joseph, my co-officers, principals, staff and students.


This is my fifth year in office as the General Secretary of AIACHE and I am really elated for God has given us, to see this day. We have been planning for over a year for this celebration and I am really indebted to my President, Vice Presidents, Joint Secretary, Executive Board members and my office staff for being with me throughout the planning and for making this day possible. Before being made the General Secretary of AIACHE, I served on the Executive Board of AIACHE for six years which I consider God’s providential way of preparing me for this ministry. Personally speaking, the journey has been challenging, but as   I recollect the ways in which God has been leading this organization as a tool of equipping and transforming the member institutions , it is truly gratifying for me to officiate as the General Secretary. We gratefully remember the former General Secretaries Fr.T.A.Mathias, Dr.M.A.Thangaraj, Sr.Mary Braganza, Mrs.Marie Correa and Dr.Mani Jacob who gave their time and energy for what AIACHE is today.


Golden Jubilee Celebration is not only a celebration of God’s faithfulness, but also it provides the leadership with a new and enlarged vision, reading and re-reading the objectives for which AIACHE was incepted. In fact it is our responsibility to redesign

and reframe our programmes in tune to the present challenges faced by Indian Higher Education. As AIACHE continues in its journey of equipping, empowering and training the administrators, teachers and students, it envisions that the following areas need special focus. AIACHE has determined to design programmes to take care of these issues:

  • Along with all of you, AIACHE believes that education is a fundamental right and an essential condition for peace, happiness, well being and prosperity.
  • AIACHE reiterates the importance of education in promoting human rights, human values development, gender equality and appreciation of cultural diversity in higher educational institutions.
  • AIACHE strongly professes that investment in education contributes to economic growth and social transformation
  • AIACHE encourages member institutions to train students to acquire skills and competencies that allow them to be more creative and innovative so as to think critically and communicate effectively
  • Through professional development programmes AIACHE trains the faculty to be committed and motivated and they are also equipped to use appropriate pedagogical approaches.
  • AIACHE encourages the management of the member institutions to provide the right learning environment that is healthy, gender sensitive, inclusive and conducive to learning
  • AIACHE enables the management to extensively use information and communication technology to adequately respond to the changing world.
  • One of the flagship programmes recently introduced is Human Values Development. This is an effort to bring alive the concept of morally and ethically good values to the youth in their classrooms. Rather than teaching values, this programme enables students to catch up with morally driven values. An opportunity is given to the learners to concretize and internalize a set of values enabling them to go through their life as accomplished citizens with integrity.
  • AIACHE believes that building the youth means building the nation and keeping this in mind the Association developes new strategies for future leadership.
  • Women Empowerment is one of AIACHE’s major concerns. In the current triennium AIACHE concentrates in:
  1. Programme related to Policy and Governance
  • New Education Policy of Govt.of India
  • Interface with National Commission for Minority Educational Institutions(Regional Meetings)
  • Skilling-Workshop on Developing Curriculum & Training for college students


  1. Faculty Training Programmes & Workshop
  • Human Values Development
  • Faculty Development Programme
  • Training for Nursing Leaders
  • Workshop on Research Methodology
  • Use of renewable energy/solar power
  • Empowerment of Women
  • Seminar on Climate Change


Based on the above issues and programmes AIACHE proposed the theme:

Building the Nation with Justice, Peace and Harmony – A new Agenda for Higher Education for the Golden Jubilee Celebrations. All the year long activities focus on this subject. The Conferences, seminars and workshops held during the course of the Golden Jubilee year delve deep into this theme and it is AIACHE’s prayer and hope that the delegates including principals, teachers, and students who participate are provided with the wisdom, resources, commitment and campus focused programmes to build this beloved nation of ours as a world leader, wherein justice, peace and harmony flow like a river endlessly,


As a representative of the minority community, AIACHE looks forward to the Government to continue to allow us to enjoy all the rights and privileges enshrined in the Indian Constitution with reverence and duty for the establishment and governance of educational institutions to be reflected in the New Education Policy of the Government of India.


May I once again thank the Hon’ble Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha, Bishops, other dignitaries, Principals, staff and students for their valuable presence. Special thanks to Dr.Sr.Marina John, her team of staff and students from Jesus and Mary College.

Thank you one and all.